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A convincing digital strategy does not come out of a book, it has to fit your brand.
Company Playbook teams up with you from the early stages of your thinking, providing experience and expertise to create with you, step by step, a communication that represents you.

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With you from A to Z

Each project is unique. By looking at your passion, your products, your methods, we elaborate a custom-made video strategy and set up a specific team best fitted to answer your requirements. Our line of work does not come from a specific model, neither from a repetitive creative pattern : we engage from the ground up to produce a customised media, from artistic realisation to production management.
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The study

The preparation stage is the most important part of our video projects. We stay extremely mindful to this component on which relies the legitimacy of the video strategy. We capture and define your expectations to give you a result closest to your needs.
Each stage will be explained and detailed to give you clarity and predictability as we study your business field and your target customers. A well-researched preparation allows us later to minimize time spent on site and bugdets. The aim is not to produce but to produce smart.

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The budget

A lot of time spent with our former clients was dedicated to the costing study. Eager to offer a competitive price, we opted to show you detailed offers and options in order to give more flexibility in the selection of your video solution.
From the broadcast occurrence to the various available options, Company Playbook allows you to select the project best fitted to your needs and line of budget. We also propose custom-made with a good value compared to standard production companies.

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The production

When the budget and the video project have been fixed, the preparation stage continues with the definition of a detailed precise planning. Thus, you can keep an eye on the production overview : from the script to the filming, from the editing to the final delivery. Everything comes with a framework for you to know where things are without interfering. Our work process provides transparency and peacefulness, allowing you to focus on your own activity. So relax, Company Playbook is in charge.

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