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To see, to listen but especially to feel, video wins the first place among the most powerful media. At Company Playbook, we evolve around this amazing tool in order to make it the most punchy and truthful ever.
Surrounded by a dedicated and deeply involved team, we guarantee with our video packs a simplified overview from your part with maximum results on the web.

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Who are we ?

Company Playbook is a french audiovisual agency dedicated to professionals.
We work for companies in order to highlight and facilitate the marketing of their products or services.
As coordinator, we manage the whole conception from a to z.
According to the strategy built with the client, Company Playbook gathers the ideal work team. With fluidity of communication, pertinence and accuracy, we remain your privileged interlocutor until your medias’ final delivery.

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Why ?

Nowadays, three customers out of four make a direct link between the video content they watch and their purchasing decisions. The efficiency of video is proven everyday and doesn’t stop there, the communication action also leading to a genuine development of the company.
A good company has nothing to hide and our everyday goal is to help you achieve a broad visibility.
And, most of all, we do enjoy working and creating with you around new customised communication strategies. They will bring you 3 big assets : they will improve your customers loyalty, provide a durable development of your activity and differentiate yourself from the competition.

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How ?

Our positioning is the result of a thorough analysis of the media environment. We focused on the real needs of companies and studied the available video services and especially the ones missing. Company Playbook therefore proposes a unique production system based on video packs with different numbers of videos over a one-year period.
With the right team coming together, we have built a complementary task force sharing the same work ethic and investment. A win-win situation for everyone !

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What ?

We make corporate videos, reporting, advertising, for your social networks, websites, TV and other broadcasting channels.
To answer all your needs, we also propose custom-made video to better fit your purposes.
With our flexible production system, Company Playbook offers different subscription packs to unfold your communication all year long, hence remaining consistent and visible.

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