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The business landscape has shifted towards a more and more aggressive competition, pulling down the prices. Some industries have taken a toll since the modernisation of marketing approach. Facing the attractiveness of instantaneity, companies have to show a strong brand identity and engage in social networks to build a solid digital strategy.

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Study of your

Together we study your project and we draw up precise specifications for your needs.

We define the number of media to be distributed over the year.

Creation of your

We adapt to your budget and create your personalized subscription

You will have the option of paying annually or monthly for 12 months.

Filming and

When the project is validated, we write the scenario and then organize the shoots.

After each validation of the films we deliver your mp4 files directly to your customer area

Up-to-date videos all year long !

Your company’s news and current events make your brand visible.
It is from the various videos, the different perspectives that help to unveil the full potential of your establishment, your product or your service, that your audience gets to know your company, becomes an ally and soon a customer.
Avoid the outdated lonely video and go for a more dynamic marketing with a fresh and diverse communication.

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Why sign up with Company Playbook ?

Our video packs subscription system allows you to delay your payment on 12 months, hence reducing immediate expenses while keeping your digital communication consistent and displayed on the whole year. Your media stay updated and relay your company’s most current events, or your industry’s, or even the country’s current news. Unlike one repetitive video, you’ll offer a powerful message and increase the number of visits. This fresh and updated content will help you build client loyalty, bring to the fore different services as your company progresses, and enable to anticipate a future communication in the event of impediment. All of this with an easier and transparent managing.

The results you will get.

Finally, your communication budget will become predictable and consistent all year long. Our videos focus on various and impactful perspectives that, as a whole, will bring a powerful and legitimate recognition to your company. The range of media available with our video packs also guarantees a better search engine optimization (video being a part of Google’s algorithm) and reporting with a single specific work team eases the discussions while leading us to a better understanding of your company.

How to work with us ?

Simplicity and expertise have become our watchwords. Following your request, we explore with you your projects and needs to ensure we select the best video option for your company. The subscription leads to a one –year contract (renewable upon a simple request) and the selection of your customised work team who will take over the next steps : management, scenarios, filming and final delivery for all your videos.

Make your films authentic

Lastly, we provide “a la carte” selection of options to complement your videos, based on your needs and budget. These options represent complementary strengths that will help consolidate the quality and brand image of our videos. On your side, these options also mean an economic advantage as they are here combined with the global project, and a time advantage as they share the intervention length.

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