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A mutual sense of investment, a shared team spirit and complementary skills, here are the ingredients of a winning combination.

Philosophie d'équipe partagée et compétences complémentaires


« Founder & leading producer »

A born entrepreneur led by the constant need to learn, I use my marketing and commercial expertise to serve all kind of business areas for more than 15 years. I show entrepreneurs how to be one-step ahead using video which, well exploited, remains one of the most powerful media to spread a message.
Learning about your values, your expertise, reinforces day by day my own business analysis. Beyond the supervision of pictures, my goal at Company Playbook is to select the best skills to build for you an accurate and relevant communication. A communication that looks like you and charms your customers. To reinvent, to imagine new scenarios for you to stand out from the competition is definitely one of my deepest motivations.

Olivier fondateur de Company Playbook


« Production assistant »

Production assistant proficient in video communication, I have learnt through my diverse international experiences that the many jobs I encountered in the entrepreneurial field, or hotel and catering industries are the strengths of local culture. Video media hence enables to grasp more concretely your activities and to increase your visibility remains my biggest achievement. Every new experience is for me a means to master new techniques and ideas in order to propose scalable content.

Axel assistant de Production à Company Playbook


« Script & Camera operator »

Literature, art, cinema, journalism… It is by building my professional bow that I have learnt the heart of my work is orbiting around words and images. To build a story. Give sense and meaning.
Because, beyond all the aesthetics, a video’s intention is first and foremost to convey an emotion. And is it by chiselling its story, by cleaning the message, that we are creating the impact and authenticity sought, that we shape this “emotional touch” so essential in video.

Aurélie réalisatrice et Scénariste à Company Playbook


« Director of photography»

Backpacker video maker, I am driven by the discoveries and the world around me. Thanks to my various travels, I have built and cultivated a passion for photography and video for many years now, with a new sensitivity born behind the lens. A new personal and professional momentum. I also draw my strength from my Tarn roots that gave me a very strong sense of commitment for everything I take on; they have made me enthusiastic and straightforward.

Eddy réalisateur et Chef Opérateur à Company Playbook


« Director assistant »

The behind-the-scenes of the hotel and catering business holds no secrets for me. After more than 20 years spent in hotels corridors, restaurant rooms and cellars, I am now the technical chief operator for Company Playbook. In charge of both filming and travelling organisation, I will also be your referent for any technical issue. Tamer of social networks, of coding and web strategies, I handle your media broadcast.

Ludovic assistant réalisateur à Company Playbook
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