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At Company Playbook, a client is not only a project. It is first and foremost a human connection, an introduction with their team, their products, their establishment, and all the history that comes with. It is an archaeology work that brings us in the core of your company in order to showcase and outline your best assets.

Nos clients et nos réalisations

Chaîne Thermale du Soleil

A great part of 2018 was dedicated to the filming of the web marketing campaign for Chaîne Thermale du Soleil, the n°1 french thermal complex chain founded by Adrien Barthélémy and taken up by the Guérard family. A few figures : this is up to 6 months’ work, 20 health resorts filmed, 5 concepts « Compagnie des Spas » available for a broader public, a TV broadcast on top of the web diffusion, and a shot of good mood and well-being that stays with us long after.
What a joy and privilege to get to know these health-care establishments from the inside, to witness the different treatment methods and to highlight the multiple resources offered by these amazing sites nestled in the heart of nature.

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It is a real pleasure for us to support and depict innovative ideas. As an exemple, have a look at the Lisio project, a video entirely made with motion design. This digital, modern and economic tool adjusts websites to the public in need of help. Thanks to a lighter and simplified display, less data consuming, this plug-in answers the need of speed and social inclusion. Websites thus become accessible to older people, disabled public or public living in rural areas with a weak internet connection.
The message clarity is in this project amplified by the motion design dynamism that gives to Eric Gayraud’s product a young and fresh touch.

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Ten Réseau

As previously stated, a video is first the occasion of a human encounter. Working with Ten Resau, expert in high-performance multimodal transportation services, allowed us plenty of wonderful exchanges with enthusiastic professionals. Their mutual system, founded by Alain Chalret du Rieu, handles all logistics related to the type of goods dispatched by relying upon an extensive catalogue of carriers and affiliate agencies.
To best showcase this innovative network, the hardest part was to take all the stories collected, all the significant information and sum them up in a clear, concise and keen video.

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Halte en Cocagne

Our Company Playbook team spent a few days in the Tarn, at the Halte en Cocagne estate near Lavaur. The owners Caroline and Bruno de Cambiaire gave us creative carte blanche to highlight their three gites of character.
Wood framing, exposed stones, large conference rooms whose windows open on great fields of wheat… Texture and space have soon became our best allies to unveil the full potential of this inspiring place.
The beauty of the old buildings paired with the quiet and peaceful atmosphere make it a most enjoyable experience with beautiful images.

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Les bistrots de Paris

Some stories are not only found in books … In La Mascotte, a traditional brasserie in the lower Montmartre, in the 18th arrondissement, its owner Thierry Campion evokes with enthusiasm his childhood memories in this same establishment (held at the time by his parents), discusses the evolution of the Abbesses district which he knows by heart and is passionate about local French products.
From the glass doors, you are greeted by an art nouveau decoration all in lightness with an alternation of pale green touches and woodwork: here and there, arabesques are drawn on the walls and the ceiling, illuminated by chandeliers with floral shapes. A high-end environment without being too busy which allows everyone to drop the masks of Parisian life to relax while chatting or even dancing, as happens regularly on Sundays around the notes of an accordion.

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Château de Riell – Relais & Châteaux

Let time escape at the castle of Riell, carefully hidden in the mountains of the Pyrenees Orientales, above Molitg-les-Bains and its thermal spa. In this oasis of baroque tranquility with an open window on the Pic du Canigou, Biche Barthélémy, daughter of the founder of the renowned Chaine Thermale du Soleil introduces you to the multiple wonders of this architectural gem. The beautiful seasonal restaurant table with Mediterranean accents will complete a most enjoyable stay.

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Here is a short film that demonstrates, once again, that the truth is coming out of the mouths of children! Created on the initiative of SYDOM, the Departmental Union of Household Garbage of Aveyron, this clip illustrates the research findings highlighting the large quantity of recyclable waste still found in the black bin.
However, as we can see, there is no shortage of alternatives: compost, recycling center, glass bin, etc. Sorting is within everyone’s reach and requires only a few simple actions. For this, the public body is stepping up to the plate and making us set foot in the stirrup of good practices.
Real ecological problem without forgetting economic, the SYDOM sounds the alarm: it is not only the black trash can to throw its waste! Now it’s up to us to inject common sense into our daily practices… to the sound or not of La Traviata.

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